Memorial Bench Program

Commemorate a loved one, friend, special event or organization with a memorial bench at The Preserve nature area.

23 benches are available on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the 26 acres of park space. Benches are available in renewable 10-year terms, and may be sponsored by individuals or organizations. Each bench will be marked with an all-weather bronze-cast plaque, flush mounted to the backrest of the bench.

example of a bench plaque
Example of a bench

The cost for a 10-year memorial bench including installation, 10 years of maintenance, and a bronze-cast plaque is $3,000.

Apply for a Memorial Bench

Bench Locations

Picture showing locations of benches throughout The Preserve

Apply for a Memorial Bench

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Program Details

Program Qualifications

Name on the plaque should be an Elk Grove resident or organization.

Bench Locations

The City of Elk Grove has designated 23 spaces in The Preserve at District56 for placement of memorial benches. Available space is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. All bench locations shall be determined solely by the City. A bench sponsor cannot select a specific location.

Benches will be installed on a schedule determined by the City.

Bench Style and Display

To ensure consistency, all benches and plaques will be selected by the City of Elk Grove.

The memorial plaques are cast bronze, all weather, and permanently installed. The measurements may vary and are flush mounted on the designated space in the backrest of the bench. The design and font will be decided by the City and only text will be customizable by the applicant. Each applicant will be allowed 3 lines with 26 characters (including spaces) per line.

The City reserves the right to refuse any plaque or inscription which, in the City’s opinion, contains unacceptable language.

Submit an Application

Applications will be accepted year-round until all 23 benches have been purchased.

Once the application is approved, City staff will notify the applicant, process the payment, and produce the bench.

The cost for a 10-year memorial bench and plaque is $3,000. The payment covers the purchase of the bench, installation, maintenance of the bench for 10 years, and a personalized cast bronze plaque.

Sponsor a Bench

Memorial benches are funded though private donations. Benches may be sponsored by individuals or organizations. The cost of each bench is $3,000.

Bench Renewal

After the 10-year term, customer is contacted to see if they would like to renew the bench, at a discounted rate. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to keep address and contact information updated.

Tracking of bench renewals will be handled by District56 staff.

Bench Termination

Upon bench exhaustion or the expiration of the donation term, the plaque is returned to the donor.

Waiver and Limitations

The City of Elk Grove is not responsible for replacing benches that are damaged or destroyed. Any loss or damage to an installed bench will be handled at the discretion of the City.

Any plaques that are stolen or damaged (and are unable to be fixed) must be replaced by the donor.

Placements of any items including memorial flowers and wreaths on or around the bench is not permitted (per the City’s Temporary Memorial Policy).